Charles Ofria
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Charles Ofria


Professor of Computer Science at Michigan State University; Director of the Digital Evolution Laboratory and Deputy Director of the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action.

Charles Ofria director of the Digital Evolution Laboratory. He conducts research on evolution in artificial systems and applies the results to problems in computer science and evolutionary biology. He developed Avida, a software-based research platform consisting of populations of 'digital organisms used in biological research. His work has been published in Science and Nature and his research has received international media attention in forums such as Discover Magazine, National Geographic, CNN, the BBC, New Scientist, and the New York Times.

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Agents & Multi-Agent Systems Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Autonomous Systems Computational Biology Computational Science Evolutionary Studies Scientific Computing & Simulation

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Professor of Computer Science

Michigan State University
Computer Science and Engineering

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