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Ning Yan


Dr. Yan is Distinguished Professor in Forest Biomaterials Engineering at the University of Toronto. She also holds an Endowed Chair in Value Added Wood and Composite at the same University. She is recognized internationally for her research in conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into environmental-friendly chemical products and functional materials.

She specializes in forest-based biomaterials science and composites, bio-based adhesives and adhesion, digital printing, and surface sciences of paper. Currently, her research group is focused on developing novel environmentally-friendly green bio-based composites, producing green chemicals using renewable forestry biomass as feedstock, and engineering the next generation high valued paper based products.

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Distinguished Professor in Forest Biomaterials Engineering, Chair in Value Added Wood and Composite

University of Toronto
September 2001
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry & Faculty of Forestry
Professor Yan specializes in lignocellulosic biomaterials science and engineering. Her current research interests include: synthesis, modification, and application of bio-based polymers, resins, polyols, adhesives, foams, composites and coatings; development of bio-based advanced functional materials, sensors, and devices; utilization and conversion of forest and agriculture residues to value-added products; valourization of nanocellulose, lignin, and wood extractives as green chemicals and functional materials.

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