Nicolas H Hart


Dr Nicolas Hart, PhD, CSCS, ESSAM is a Research Fellow in Exercise Oncology at the 'Exercise Medicine Research Institute' (Edith Cowan University), and an accredited Exercise Scientist whose research broadly focuses on muscle-bone interaction, musculoskeletal screening, health and adaptation in athletic, healthy and disease populations.

Dr Hart’s oncology work focuses on the ability of exercise to change tumour biology, and interfere with tumour formation, growth and invasion in advanced prostate and breast cancer patients with bone metastatic lesions. Dr Hart is also examining the feasibility, safety and efficacy of delivering targeted exercise directly to lesion sites in these populations, with the aim to provide meaningful improvements to the health, well-being and survival of men and women with cancer.

Dr Hart is also an advisor to Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA), sitting on the Exercise Science Advisory Group (ESAG). He was also named Exercise Scientist of the Year (ESSA, 2014); and was awarded their inaugural Clinical Exercise Physiology grant (ESSA, 2015). Dr Hart is also a member of the Steering Committee (SC) and Protocol Development Working Group (PDWG) for the largest clinical exercise oncology trial worldwide, with Movember Foundation Australia, as part of the Global Action Plan (GAP4) trial.

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Exercise Medicine Research Institute
Edith Cowan University

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