Nicola Carslaw
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Nicola Carslaw


My work involves numerical modelling of air pollution chemistry, mainly in the indoor environment, and to a lesser extent, outdoors. My indoor air chemistry work involves investigating the chemical processes that cause high concentrations of air pollutants indoors, particularly those pollutants that are likely to be harmful to health. Topics of interest are the impacts of human activities on indoor air quality, such as cooking, cleaning and DIY activities such as painting. We also investigate the impact of emissions from common indoor materials such as carpet and wooden furnishings on indoor air quality.

Atmospheric Chemistry

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Reader in Air Pollution

University of York
November 2000
I teach undergraduate and postgraduate students on a range of courses including environmental chemistry, climate change and atmospheric science. I am the Chair of Postgraduate Taught studies in the Environment Department and head up a research group studying indoor air pollution.

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