Nicholas Car

Nicholas J Car


Nicholas Car is a computer scientist in Australia's national science research intstitute, CSIRO. His particular interests are in data provenance, distributed metadata management systems and data semantics, all of which now contain Linked Data work.

He is involved with a number of national Australian government initiatives to implement Linked Data systems and policy across Commonwealth and State governments and has been involved with international data management intiatives such as the Research Data Alliance and Belmont Forum.

Currently he is developing tooling to enable the seamless use of Linked Data within enterprise data systems and is working with large Australian data holders, such as the National Computing Infrastructure, to see them implemented at a large scale. He believes the challend for Linked Data and Semantic Web proponants is to provide tools and methods that both show the power and possibility of the tehnologies but that are practical to use and demonstrate their applicability for use at scale an in operational settings.

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