Nicholas Collins

Nicholas C Collins


1968 BA Zoology, Pomona College, Claremont, California
1972 PhD Ecology, U. of Georgia, Athens; Supervisor Richard G. Wiegert
1972-73 Post-Doc in Acarology, Ohio State U., Columbus; supervisor Rodger Mitchell
1973-2017 Asst., then Assoc. Prof. of Biology, U. of Toronto Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Animal Behavior Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Clinical Trials Conservation Biology Data Science Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Evidence Based Medicine Evolutionary Studies Statistics

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University of Toronto
July 1973 - June 2017
Biology (undergrad) and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (graduate)
Freshwater ecologist specializing in littoral ecology with emphasis on fish behavior, growth, and productivity. Since 2014 I shifted focus to the estimation and study of false discovery rates in ecology and evolutionary biology. Specifically, I am attempting to describe and explain the magnitudes of "natural" effect sizes - those generated by natural perturbations or laboratory perturbations no larger than those encountered in nature. The frequency distribution of effect sizes can then be used to estimate the false discovery rates and cost per true discovery associated with experiments of differing designs and power levels.


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