Nalin Rastogi

Nalin Rastogi


Nalin Rastogi (M.Sc. in Biochemistry, University of Allahabad, India -1976), worked for a year at V. P. Chest Institute, University of Delhi, India; followed by his postgraduate studies (1978-1984) in Institut Pasteur, Paris / University of Paris (M.Phil./DEA in 1979, Ph.D. in 1981, and D.Sc. in 1984). He worked as a permanent scientist at Institut Pasteur, Paris (1983-1993), and moved to Guadeloupe (French West Indies, Caribbean) to establish the Tuberculosis & Mycobacteria Unit in July 1993. Currently Director of the WHO Supranational Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory and Head of the TB & Mycobacteria Unit at Institut Pasteur de la Guadeloupe he is a WHO senior TB consultant and a renowned expert on various aspects of TB, namely taxonomy, diagnostics, drug resistance, molecular epidemiology & phylogeny, investigations on global TB transmission & Geo-localization of emerging clones. He also coordinates the biggest international TB genotyping database. Author of 360 published papers [299 referenced in PubMed on April 16th, 2015], he has been awarded many international grants and has directed research of more than 133 scientists & trainees since 1986 (36 in postgraduate programs including 14 Ph.D students). A nominated member to the Faculty of 1000, he is an Editor for Infect Genetics and Evolution, and International Journal of Mycobacteriology (Elsevier); and F1000 Research (Faculty of 1000).

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Institut Pasteur de la Guadeloupe, International Network of Pasteur Institutes

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