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Nicholas J Dickens


Associate Research Professor in Bioinformatics at Florida Atlantic University. Research focus genomics of marine organisms, environmental microbiomes and machine learning to understand genome sequence. Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology, University of Glasgow Bioinformatics team for 7 years and lead the team for 4 of those. Also lead an experimental sequencing team in the Centre and has a bioinformatics research group. Originally, studied Biology at Imperial College London and moved into bioinformatics at NV Organon Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands. Following this he had a research post at the MRC Functional Genetics Unit, University of Oxford where he stayed to do his genome informatics PhD. Has held research post-doctoral posts in London working in type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease at Imperial College, and cancer biology at the Institute of Cancer Research.

Bioinformatics Environmental Sciences Genomics Marine Biology Parasitology

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Associate Research Professor

Florida Atlantic University
September 2016
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Research in marine applications of genome biology, machine learning and bioinformatics to understand the evolution and operation of DNA sequence. DNA replication, population biology and metagenomics.

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