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Nichole Carlson


Associate Professor Biostatistics and Informatics Colorado School of Public Health; Associate Chair for Research Biostatistics and Informatics; Director Colorado Biostatistics Consortium; Director Clinical and Translational Science Institute Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Program; Theme Chair, Biostatistics Special Interest Group, Association for Clinical and Translational Science

Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Clinical Trials Data Science Diabetes & Endocrinology Epidemiology Statistics

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Associate Professor

University of Colorado
November 2007
Biostatistics and Informatics
My research is in Bayesian methods for endocrine systems analyzing lung CT imaging data. The overlap in methodology are point processes in non-linear hierarchical Bayesian models. I also direct the collaboration/consulting consortium at the University of Colorado. This group of a dozen faculty and trainees work with many researcher to analyze their study data and assist with study design, methodological solutions and grant applications.

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