Néstor E Ardila


I am a marine biologist. I have worked on the taxonomy and assemblage characterization of marine invertebrates, including groups such as mollusks, polychaets and octocorals. I have extensive knowledge of sampling in freshwater and marine ecosystems on the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific coasts (soft bottoms, coral reefs and rocky shore). I have worked on projects of characterization and inventories of benthic fauna. During my master studies, I investigated the assemblage’s characterization and zoogeography of the mollusk from Colombian Caribbean (200m-500m depth). During my doctoral studies, I was working in the systematics of the precious corals reconstructing a time-calibrated molecular phylogeny and exploring the species delimitation of the precious corals. During the last two years I have involved in baseline studies and monitoring of deep-sea communities (1500-3200 m) in the Colombian Caribbean.

Biodiversity Ecology Evolutionary Studies Marine Biology Taxonomy Zoology

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ECOMAR Consultoría Ambiental
Marine Biology Division


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