Maureen Long


Our laboratory investigates primarily vector-borne pathogens that affect humans and animals. Research interests include several equine and large animal infectious diseases with emphasis currently on mosquito borne flaviviruses and alphaviruses. Other pathogens currently under investigation include the human pathogens Dengue virus and recently Zika virus. We are interested primarily in using an -omics approach to determine why certain animals/people actually develop diseases while others do not. We have studied WNV in horses and birds and performed surveillance in horses and people for several mosquito-borne viruses. We have just complete work using a transcriptomic approach to comparing viral infection of the brain (West Nile virus) to protozoal infection of the brain (Sarcocystis neurona) in the horse. We have an area of investigation in the mosquito borne disease of dogs, Dirofilaria immitis, which causes heartworm. We have a large collection of reference materials available worldwide for creation of tests heartworm diagnosis and genetic studies performed on D. immitis.

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