Marco Isaia


I graduated in 1999 in Natural Sciences at the University of Turin. In 2002, I attended the CLUSTER European Master Program in Environmental Engineering at Turin Polytechnic, working on multidisciplinary assessment of environmental quality in natural habitats. In 2006, I obtained the PhD in Environmental Sciences focusing on spiders as bioindicators. From 2007, I works as Researcher in Ecology at the University of Turin. His scientific activity focuses on spiders and cave ecology. At present, my working group is the unique team active in Araneology in the Italian Academic community. In this respect, his work is currently recognized at international level. I am part of Council of the European Society of Arachnology and I am member of the expert board of Araneae Spiders of Europe, a joint achievement of the European arachnological community. I am member of the IUCN Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group, acting as the reference member for the assessment of the status of conservation of the Italian spider fauna. I currently direct several projects funded by public and private institutions focusing on biodiversity and biomonitoring. I collaborate with several European Universities and other European research institutions. I speak fluently English, French and Spanish.

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