Michael Rothman

Michael Rothman


Here are some details of my professional work as a Natural Science Illustrator & Artist:
Field work in Samoa with Dr. Paul A. Cox of BYU (1985 & 1986).
Three expeditions to French Guiana with the NYBG, under the direction of Dr.Scott Mori. (l989, l993, & 2000).
Reconstructions of fossil plants under the aegis of Drs. William Crepet, Kevin Nixon, and Maria A. Gondolfo Cornell University: summers 1999-2003 & 2007, 2008.
Freelance illustrator New York Times Science Section 1987-2006

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Work details

Natural Science Illustrator

Rothman Natural Science Illustration
Reconstructions of extinct and extant habitat groups for mural and editorial uses (both in paint and digitally). General botanical illustration and field photography in support of online interpretative databases for local environmental NGOs.

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