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Melanie Kah


Melanie Kah graduated with a MSc in Agronomy and Soil Sciences (University of Nancy, France), before completing her PhD on the fate of ionisable pesticides in soils (University of York, UK). She was then recruited by the UK Food and Environmental Research Agency (FERA), where she assessed the exposure and hazard of a wide range of contaminants, within projects commissioned by government and industry. In 2009, Melanie moved to the University of Vienna (Austria), where she develops projects looking at the interactions between organic contaminants and natural/engineered nanoparticles. The topic of nanopesticides is a good illustration of the multidisciplinary approach Melanie has applied over the last years. Melanie is currently a Distinguished Visitor at CSIRO Land and Water in Adelaide, Australia (August 2017 - July 2018).

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Elise Richter Fellow

University of Vienna
September 2009
Environmental Geosciences


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