Mauro Rossi
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Mauro Rossi


Mauro Rossi is an expert on mapping, modeling and forecasting of landslides, floods and erosion processes in different geo-environmental and anthropic contexts. He has developed (i) new methodologies for statistical and deterministic analysis of the susceptibility and hazard posed by different geo-hydrological phenomena and for the estimation of their impacts, (ii) new statistical approaches to the definition of rainfall thresholds for triggering Landslides, (iii) early warning systems, (iv) approaches to the design optimal models for estimating landslide susceptibility and for the assessment of social risk posed by landslides and floods. He has also developed specific softwares for the landslide susceptibility modelling, for the landslide magnitude modelling and for the joint modeling of landslides and erosion processes in relation to different scenarios of geomorphological, climatic, vegetational and anthropic changes, in order to adequately characterize the hillslopes and the hydrological basins dynamics.

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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
May 2004
Istituto di ricerca per la protezione idrogeologica

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