Matylda Sierakowska


Present appointment: Senior leckture, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland
Office: Department of Integrated Medical Care,
Medical University of Bialystok
Degrees: M.A. 1986, Ph.D. 2003,
1st Degree Specialization in Social Medicine 1992,
2nd Management of Health Care 2000,
College of Nursing , Bialystok, Poland
Faculty of Nursing Medical (Medical Academy) in Lublin, Poland
Nurse in the Department of Surgery, Hospital – Centre for Children’s
Health in Warsaw
Lecturer in the College of Nursing , Bialystok, Poland
Deputy Chief of Nursing Staff in the Medical University Bialystok
Children’s Hospital
Assistant and Senior leckture in the Medical University of Bialystok
Memberships: Polish Nurses’ Association - since 1980 – 8 years President
of the Polish Nurses’ Association in the region Bialystok
Chamber of Nurses and Midwives – since 1991
Polish issue a license to practice: 0202326P

Nursing Public Health Rheumatology

PeerJ Contributions