Manuel Manuel Martínez-Bueno


Manuel Martínez Bueno. Full Professor of Microbiology. University of Granada. Head of research group of PAI, BIO160.
Our research group began working in the field of Lactic Acid Bacteria and bacterial antagonism in 1984, since then and uninterruptedly, has identified and characterized different types of microbial growth inhibitors produced by bacteria, both specific (as bacteriocins and amebicines) and nonspecific. Furthermore, 10 years ago initiated a research line related to the diversity of lactic acid bacteria in foods. We constituted a Research Group coherent and consolidated (Ref. BIO 160 in the Plan Andaluz de Investigación), with experts in molecular techniques, purification and biochemical characterization of proteins, application of food preservatives and also our objectives are very clear and concrete. The current research lines have high scientific productivity, covering very diverse knowledge fields but complementary each other and therefore with great formative capacity. Our team has published over one hundred articles, has received nearly 2000 citations and presents an H index of 32, has directed 16 doctoral theses and has been funded by more than 20 R&D projects, has signed a number of technology transfer projects with companies and two patents research. The research lines which the team is currently working are listed below

Genomics Microbiology Molecular Biology


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