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Martina Treurnicht


I am intrigued by questions in ‘real-world ecology’ and applied conservation. I am a vegetation ecologist, biodiversity scientist and an amateur botanist. Understanding and documenting the flora of the South African Cape Floristic Region, a global biodiversity hotspot, is of particular interest to me. I am also concerned about conserving this region in the face of the current biodiversity crisis and ongoing global change. Through my research activities, I aim to build bridges between academia and applied conservation by working with a diverse network of stakeholders (researchers, farmers, naturalists, amateur botanists, civil-society volunteers, school groups and conservation organisations)

I am currently a PhD student at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. My research aims to understand how environmental drivers and functional traits determine large-scale demographic variation, population dynamics and ecological niches of serotinous Proteaceae species (i.e. species with fire-dependent life cycles) in the Cape Floristic Region.

Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Plant Science

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PhD candidate

University of Stellenbosch
January 2015


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