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Mark received a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. Professionally he has worked in the sciences in the semiconductor industry and in the fields of applied behavioral psychology, animal behavior, and neuroscience. He owns Comprehensive Pet Therapy, an Atlanta-based business that serves customers nationally who desire pet training and behavior modification services. CPT also trains service dogs for US and Canadian clients with physical, hearing, psychiatric, or cognitive disorders. In addition, Mark co-founded Dog Star Technologies, LLC. Dog Star conducts canine neuroscience research, neuromarketing, and canine product development. Mark also functions as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases involving dog behavior. Along with Emory Professor Gregory Berns, Mark developed the first protocols for producing quality fMRI scans of any non-human animal without the use of sedation or restraints. Berns, Spivak and cohorts have since published 5 papers on their work, have a sixth in peer review, and are collecting data for three additional papers.

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