Andrew Osborn
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Andrew M Osborn


Professor, RMIT University, U.K. Previously. Professor of Biotechnology, University of Lincoln, UK; Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Hull, UK; Senior Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology, University of Sheffield, UK; Lecturer in Microbiology, University of Essex UK; Postdoctoral Scientists, GBF National Research Centre for Biotechnology, Germany, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool, UK;
Ph.D. University of Liverpool, UK; B.Sc (Hons) Genetics & Microbiology, University of Sheffield, UK.

Biogeochemistry Biological Oceanography Ecology Environmental Sciences Marine Biology Microbiology

Work details

Professor / Associate Dean, Biosciences & Food Technology

RMIT University
December 2013
School of Science
Professor of Microbiology and Associate Dean for the Biosciences & Food Technology Discipline, in the School of Science

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