Marja Roslund

Marja I Roslund


I'm a PhD student in Environmental Sciences with a focus on connections among nature, biodiversity, ecosystem services, urbanization, pollution and human health. My education is interdisciplinary and I have boundary-crossing skills that are needed to synthesize knowledge from different disciplines and to develop sustainable solutions todays problems.

Biotechnology Ecology Ecotoxicology Environmental Sciences

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PhD student

University of Helsinki
June 2017
Environmental sciences
Nature-Based Solutions Research Group concentrates to solve globally significant environmental problems. Research objects range from micro-organisms to ecosystems and to people prone to manmade environmental changes. The outburst of immune-mediated diseases, biodiversity loss, urban pollution and plant invasiveness are interrelated, and our group is working in multidisciplinary research initiatives to minimize the consequences. The largest research project of the group is the strategic research opening ADELE – Autoimmune defense and living environment funded by TEKES (The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). The main objective of ADELE is to study the effects of our everyday living environment on health.

Research assistant

University of Helsinki
June 2015 - May 2017
Environmental sciences
ADELE (Autoimmune Defense and Living Environment) strategic research opening will produce knowledge which facilitates the development of solutions that balance and enhance the function of immune systems. The ADELE is based on large population cohorts and data sets, containing information on the reasons behind immune-mediated diseases, wellbeing and life habits.

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