Maria Santos
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Maria J Santos


Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences, Utrecht University.

My research combines field methods, GIS, remote sensing, statistical modeling, historical archival research, and conservation biology, history, and planning. I focus on four research areas:

* Assessing interaction and feedback mechanisms of social-ecological systems in space and time
* Identifying global change drivers through conservation histories and relate them to changes and fluxes in species and ecosystems, land use policy, and environmental governance
* Investigating how land use and climate changes affect spatial and temporal dynamics of species and habitat at multiple scales
* Use of state of the art remote sensing, GIS and quantitative analysis to answer interdisciplinary research questions

Biodiversity Biogeography Climate Change Biology Conservation Biology Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Impacts Food, Water & Energy Nexus Forestry Natural Resource Management Science Policy Spatial & Geographic Information Science Zoology

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Assistant Professor

Utrecht University
Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences
Maria joined Utrecht University in November 2013, and her work here as an Assistant Professor is divided into 50% teaching and supervision, and 50% research. Prior to her arrival in the Netherlands, she obtained her PhD in Ecology from the University of California Davis (2010), and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California Berkeley (2010-2011) and at Stanford University (2012-2013). Maria is currently involved in the following study programs: (1) Bachelors’ degree in Milieu-natuurwetenschappen (Environmental Sciences): Global Climate Change (GEO2-2143); Environmental Impact Assessment (GEO2-2123) (2) Masters’ degree in Sustainable Development: Sustainability Science: Modeling and Indicators (GEO4-2331); Research in Global Change and Ecosystems (GEO4-2319)


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