María A. Perez-Fernandez


Maria Perez-Fernandez is a Professor of Ecology, currently working at the University of Pablo de Olavide in Seville, Spain. She's got experitse in seed ecology. In 1993, she worked as an STOA Fellow at the European Parliament in Luxembourg, assisting MP on environmental issues. She has research experiences in Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. Between 2007 and 2011, she has lead environmental policies and development in the Government of Extremadura. Her current research focuses on the interactions between legume-rhizobium, land rehabilitation, environmental impact, and nutrient cycle. She has broad experience in teaching several areas of ecology.

I’m Professor of Ecology at the University of Pablo de Olavide in Seville, Spain, where I teach several courses of specialized Ecology, amongst which is Land Rehabilitation.. My current research interest has to do with the system plant-soil-microorganisms and how the interactions carried on might be used in land reclamation and land rehabilitation. For four years I worked for the Government of one of the Spanish Regions, were I was responsible for Environmental Quality and Impact prevention. At the moment I’m also strongly involved with the Spanish Foundation for Cicular Economy, foundation that is a national referent on the topic. I’ve got research experiences in Australia, South Africa, and Argentina and Canada.

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