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Melanie J.B. Zeppel


Melanie was awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA, from 2012-2016 to examine the response of plants to changes in timing of precipitation. She is also currently testing the response of trees to extreme precipitation, where rainfall occurs as larger, less frequent rain events.

Melanie's research involves measuring and modelling how trees and forests respond to changing climatic conditions, including changing the timing and seasonality of rainfall, drought and elevated CO2. Specifically, she has measured the response of sap flow and stomatal conductance to drought, and elevated CO2 within remnant forests, glasshouses experiments and Whole Tree Chambers. She has also quantified long-term tree water use during and after drought in remnant forests. She has also published on nocturnal fluxes (sap flow and stomatal conductance) in both a remnant woodland, and under elevated CO2.

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