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Michelle Ploughman


Canada Research Chair in Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity and Brain Recovery, Dr. Ploughman is a recognized expert in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation in stroke and multiple sclerosis. Her research focuses on the effects of aerobic exercise, intensive training paradigms and lifestyle habits on the brain challenged by injury, disease and aging. Dr. Ploughman continues to practice as a neurological physiotherapist in St John’s and her Recovery and Performance Laboratory is located in the Rehabilitation Research Unit (RRUNL), L.A. Miller Centre, St. John’s NL, Canada.

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Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity and Brain Recovery

Memorial University
Faculty of Medicine
Our objective is to track Multiple Sclerosis (MS) annually for ten years using innovative methods in a cross-disciplinary team. We will identify novel biomarkers and disease targets to limit progression in MS. Specific research questions: 1. Can we identify novel cellular mechanisms responsible for promoting inflammation in MS? 2. Do these markers relate to changes in brain imaging, cognitive/physical performance, drug therapy, and/or disease relapse and progression? 3. Does brain atrophy and excitability of the brain correlate with subtle deficits in cognitive/physical performance such as dual-task ability (walking and thinking at the same time)? Participants will be enrolled and data will be updated annually during regularly scheduled visits to the MS clinic (or in the event of a change in the participant's clinical status/medications). The study duration is anticipated to continue for at least 10 years (2015-25).

August 6, 2015
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