Maurizio Mencuccini
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Maurizio Mencuccini


The ICREA Research Professor of Plant and Ecosystem Ecology at CREAF (Research Centre for Ecology and Forestry Applications, Barcelona, Spain). He was Professor of Forest Science at the University of Edinburgh (UK) until 2017. He was a visiting fellow at Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University, USA (1999) visiting Scientist at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2009) and at CSIRO (Tasmania, Australia; 2010) and Eminent Scholar at University of Western Sydney (Australia, 2012-2016).

Maurizio Mencuccini’s research interests encompass scales from cells to ecosystems, with a main focus on the long-distance transport of water and carbon via the xylem and phloem in plants and use of stable isotopes in ecology. His recent focus has been on improving our understanding of the water relations of trees and the impacts of drought frequency and intensity on the physiology of trees and forests.

Biogeography Biosphere Interactions Climate Change Biology Conservation Biology Ecohydrology Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Forestry Plant Science

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