Matko Marusic


University of Zagreb, School of Medicine MD 1970 Medicine
University of Zagreb PhD 1975 Medicine
1971-2008 Department of Physiology, Zagreb University School of Medicine
1991-2009 Founder and Co-Editor in Chief, Croatian Medical Journal
Major achievements and contributions in science
Demonstrated that certain temporal combinations of immunotherapy and chemotherapy of tumor may cause tolerance to tumor antigens.
Demonstrated that immune system does not influence incidence of tumors elicited by chemical carcinogenesis.
Demonstrated T cells in the bone marrow and their potential to transfer immunity with bone marrow cell transplantation.
Was the first to demonstrate the lifetime function of human thymus.
Conceived, established in 1991, and until 2009 led Croatian Medical Journal, which became included in all most selective databases and in 2011 reached impact factor of 1.8.
Six fine literature books, two of them in English:
Life of an Editor. Croatian Medical Journal publisher, Zagreb, 2010., humorous professional autobiography.Do Angels Cry? Ooligan Press, Portland University, Portland, WA, USA (ISBN: 978-932010-23-7). War stories, related to the 1991-1995 war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; 120 pages, illustrated.

Evidence Based Medicine

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University of Split
Department for Research in Biomedicine and Health

School of Medicine

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