Maria J. Sanz
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Maria J. Sanz


Professor Sanz is the Scientific Director of the Basque Centre of Climate Change. Her own research agenda focuses on effective land use decisions, the optimal allocation of land resources for sustainable and efficient development.

She was at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as the UNREDD Programme Coordinator (2012-2016), Director of the International Institute for Climate Change (I2C2, 2011-2012) and a Senior Officer at the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) supporting Land Use, land Use Change and Forestry, Agriculture and REDD+ negotiations up to 2007-2011.

Before 2007, she was Director of the Air Pollution Effects and Atmospheric Chemistry Programmes at the Center for Environmental Studies of the Mediterranean, and adviser to the Spanish Minister of Environment. She was a Lead Author of Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, and Lead Author of the IPCC Methodological Guidance documents since 2003.

She holds a PhD in Biology by the University of Valencia, and worked extensively in Air Pollution, Carbon Cycles and Climate Change feed-backs in the Mediterranean Regions after she ended her post-Doctoral studies at the Arizona State University.

Atmospheric Chemistry Biosphere Interactions Climate Change Biology Ecosystem Science Ecotoxicology Environmental Contamination & Remediation Food, Water & Energy Nexus Forestry Natural Resource Management

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Scientific Director

Basque Centre for Climate Change
January 2016
Scientific Director
Research Strategic Plans development. Coordination of the overall scientific activities and reporting to the Board of the Centre.

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