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Melinda Fitzgerald


Melinda Fitzgerald is Professor of Neurotrauma, jointly appointed by Curtin University and the Perron Institute and holds an NHMRC Career Develoment Fellowship. She has 14 years post-doctoral experience and leads her team of 12 researchers and post-graduate students in designing and assessing clinically relevant strategies for treatment of neurotrauma.


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Professor of Neurotrauma

Curtin University and the Perron Institute
Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute
Prof Fitzgerald’s research is focused around understanding and preventing the loss of function that occurs following neurotrauma. She uses innovative analytical techniques to demonstrate changes to key biochemical, cellular and structural components of nerves following injury and is assessing treatment strategies including nanotechnologies and combinatorial pharmacotherapeutics. Her drive to translate her research findings to the clinic is evidenced by her current collaborative clinical trial assessing biomarkers and MRI for prediction of post-concussion syndrome.

Adjunct Professor

The University of Western Australia
Experimental and Regenerative Neurosciences

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February 25, 2016
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