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Marco Cavalli


Marco Cavalli graduated (B.Sc.+ M.Sc) in 2002 in Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Padova, Italy. In 2003 he obtained a postgraduate Master degree in "Hydrogeological hazard assessment and mitigation". In 2009 obtained the PhD in Environmental Watershed Management in 2009 at the TeSAF (University of Padova) with a thesis on "Hydrological and morphological characterization of mountain basins by means of airborne LiDAR technology”. Since 2009 Marco Cavalli is Researcher at CNR-IRPI of Padova. His research interests include: Geomorphometry, Airborne Laser Scanning technology (LiDAR) and high-resolution DTMs applications, Geomorphic processes in mountain catchments, Post Flash flood investigation, analysis of historical information, GIS and surface hydrology. Currently, his main interest is related to sediment connectivity assessment through geomorphometric approaches.

He is\was scientific responsible or coordinator of CNR IRPI in several National and European projects (SedAlp, GESTO, Gadria Project, KINOFLOW). Since 2011 he is teaching a course for PhD and post doc researchers entitled 'Geomorphometry: quantitative analysis of earth surface' at the University of Padova. He is\was supervisor of three research grants at CNR IRPI, co-advisor of two PhD and several B.S. and M.S. theses of the University of Padova, Udine, Wageningen, Stockholm on geomorphology and hydrology fields. He is author and co-author of more than 50 papers in international journals.

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National Research Council
June 2009
Research Institute for Geo-Hydrogeological Protection
Research in the field of hydrogeomorphology

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