Marc Caldwell

Marc Caldwell


Dr. Caldwell is developing a research career focused in infectious diseases of food
animals and is particularly interested in bacterial pathogenesis and host-pathogen
interactions. As a doctoral student Dr. Caldwell has garnered an extensive background in
epidemiology, diagnostic microbiology, molecular biology, and infectious diseases that
will serve as a platform to conduct herd disease outbreak investigations and conduct
applied research addressing problems relating to infectious disease diagnosis, control
and prevention. Specific areas of research pertaining to biosecurity initiatives relevant
to Homeland Security include the development of equine source polyclonal hyperimmune
plasma designed for the passive immunization and treatment of Bacillus anthracis. This
research is anticipated to result in several publications in the near future.

Agricultural Science Immunology Infectious Diseases Respiratory Medicine Veterinary Medicine

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Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
Large Animal Clinical Sciences

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