Ma Carmen Ablan Lagman

Ma Carmen A. Ablan Lagman


I specialize in the integration of genetic markers and other molecular biology techniques with the use of image analysis, GIS-based modeling and mapping to provide fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture solutions. I lead a team which develops simplified laboratory methods and/ or computer or web-based platforms that will require less training and equipment for non-specialists or non-scientists on the field to access the benefits from the use of advanced technologies.

Agricultural Science Ecology Genetics Genomics Marine Biology Science Policy

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Professor/ Head of the Practical Genomics Laboratory

De La Salle University
January 2007
Biology Department and Center for Environment and Natural Science Research
I joined De La Salle University as an Associate Professor upon my return to the Philippines in 2007. Prior to DLSU, I was a researcher at the WorldFish Center, one of the 16 Centers for Global International Agriculture Research (CGIAR). I am currently a Full-Professor at DLSU. My expertise is in population genetics. I teach courses in biology, ecology, molecular biology, systematics and bioinformatics at the graduate and undergraduate levels. My research focuses on integrating genetics and genomic marker research with image analysis, GIS and mapping and mobile computing technologies to develop platforms and methods that will allow non-specialists and non-scientists to access to these technologies. Partnership is a key feature of our research. I obtained my PhD in Marine Science specializing in Biotechnology from the University of the Philippines. I established the Practical Genomics Laboratory at the Biology Department and Head the Technologies for Biodiversity Use and Conservation (TechBIODIVE) at the Center for Natural Science Research and Environment Research.


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