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Marià Alemany, Barcelona 1/May/1946; graduate (1968) and doctor (1972) in Sciences (Biology) by U Barcelona. Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University (St Louis MO USA) 1973-1974. Tenured assistant prof. of General Physiology, 1974; associate prof of Biochemistry 1977; full prof.of Biochemistry and Mol. Biol. 1981-2001, 2013-present; full prof. of Nutrition and Food Science since 2001. Has been professor at the Universities of Balearic Islands (1977-1981), Tarragona (1981-1986) and Barcelona (1969-1973, 1974-1977, 1986-present). He has been awarded the 1995 Danone Prize, the 1996 Grande Covián Prize and the 2001 EASO’s Wassermann Award, as well as the Monturiol Medal from the Generalitat of Catalonia (2003). He is author of 5 books including a novel, about 350 papers in peer-reviewed journals (and about. He received about 4000 cites, with a h number of 29-30, and 11 cites/paper. He has filed 6 patents, 2 of which were exploited by a spinoff (Oleoyl-Estrone Developments) he created and directed (2001-2008). He has directed 21 PhD theses. His scientific interests were early centered on energy and amino acid metabolism in the fetal-maternal unit of mammals, and birds’ eggs. From 1982 he studied obesity and metabolic syndrome. Currently his research deals with the role of steroid hormone control of the development of the metabolic syndrome and how amino acids are used under the conditions of excess energy, a research largely centered on adipose tissue.

Biochemistry Cell Biology Diabetes & Endocrinology Metabolic Sciences Nutrition

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Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology / Professor of Nutrition & Food Science

University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology
July 1986 - September 2016
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine
NOTE: On October 1, 2016, I will become Professor Emeritus (forced retirement at 70) and will be no longer full professor, despite continuing working in the same department doing research and limited teaching.

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