Sandeep Malhotra

Sandeep K Malhotra


SANDEEP K. MALHOTRA- M.Sc. 1973, Ph.D. 1979, D.Sc. 1982, F.Z.S.I., 1981, F.H.S., 1983, F.S.B., 1993., F.S.E.Sc., 2002. Professor & HEAD, Department of ZOOLOGY, University of Allahabad, and CHAIRMAN, IAEC; DOB-9th July 1953; 41 Years University teaching experience. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS:GenBank Submissions of Nucleotide Sequences at NCBI- 150; Books -9; Reviews -6; Research Papers in Books – 59; Research Papers in Foreign Journals -54; Research Papers in Indian Journals -111; Brief Communications -210; Popular Scientific Articles -18; PATENT:- One (No. 139/DEL/2007). Guiding Research – 38 Years; Guided Research to 16 students- 15 Awarded D.Phil. Degree under supervision; 1 working; 1 Research Associate CSIR; 1 Scholar worked as DST Young Women Scientist (WOS-B), 2009+, & one PDF. Current research interest- Anisakidae of fresh water and marine ecosystems; Ecology and Molecular Taxonomy of nematodes, cestodes and trematodes.

Environmental Sciences Infectious Diseases Molecular Biology Parasitology Zoology

Work details

Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology

University of Allahabad
December 1973
University teaching and advanced research in Anisakidae roundworms, and other helminths from marine and freshwater ecosystems; their Molecular Taxonomy and Ecology.


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