Lucas Legendre

Lucas J Legendre


My research focuses mainly on quantitative bone histology, and its use to infer physiological and environmental traits in fossil vertebrates. Phylogenetic comparative methods (PCMs) and predictive statistics allow me to estimate bone growth rates and metabolic rates of fossil groups such as archosaurs and synapsids, as well as various lifestyle parameters. I also work on estimating phylogenetic signal in bone histological characters, and the development of PCMs in palaeontology in general.

Anatomy & Physiology Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Histology Paleontology Statistics Zoology

Work details

Postdoctoral researcher

National Museum, Bloemfontein
July 2016
Karoo Palaeontology Department
My research project investigates the link between fossorial activity and bone microstructure in mammals. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches will be used to describe the bone histology of burrowing mammals, and how functional and structural factors influence bone growth patterns in this particular lifestyle. The results of this study will be used in further projects on fossoriality in fossil non-mammalian synapsids.

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