Louise Willemen
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Louise Willemen


Department of Natural Resources, Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation, of University of Twente, the Netherlands.PhD in spatial modelling from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.Worked before @ Bioversity International in Colombia, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Italy, Cornell University in the USA, and worked with many on-the-ground partners.Current roles: Coordinating Lead Author of the Land Degradation and Restoration assessment of IPBES, Chair of the Steering Committee of Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP, an international network aiming at linking ecosystem service science with practice to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation), and editorial work for several journals.

Ecosystem services and rural development researcher. Current research includes RS-based ecosystem service mapping and monitoring, impact assessments of integrated restoration, and prioritization of investments in land degradation neutrality actions.

Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecosystem Science Environmental Impacts Food, Water & Energy Nexus Natural Resource Management Spatial & Geographic Information Science

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Assistant professor

University of Twente
September 2014
Natural Resources, ITC

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