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Dr. Litao Sun currently works as a Research Associate in the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). He has several years of research experience in the field of epigenetics. He finished his Ph.D degree in Dr. Rui-ming Xu's lab in the institute of biophysics, Chinese academic of science. He firstly solved the structure of PRMT5. This work contributes a quantum jump to the understanding of arginine dimethylation that may provide versatile control of eukaryotic gene expression.

After he obtained his Ph.D degree, he continued his research with Dr. Paul Schimmel, who is a world-renowned scientist in the field of aminoacyl tRNA synthetase. They used structural and biochemical methods to uncover the mysterious inner workings of Chang Shan-a Chinese herbal medicine used for thousands of years to treat fevers associated with malaria. This work was published on Nature.

His main research areas focus on the fundamental understanding of nurodegeneration, and the novel functions of human alanyl-tRNA synthetase and its splice variants. He also works on the structural biology of protein-RNA or protein-DNA complexes involved in gene transcription and translation. He has reviewed over 30 papers as an independent reviewer on international journals including Cellular & Molecular Biology, Chemical Communications, Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Journal of Molecular Structure, Journal of Structural & Functional Genomics, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, etc.

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