Linton Winder


Linton is an ecologist and entomologist. He did his PhD in the UK at Rothamsted Research Station and his main research interests focus on agricultural systems, particularly in relation to conservation biological control. He has spent most of his career in academia, having worked at the universities of Bournemouth, Plymouth and Exeter in the UK, the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands, and Unitec and Waiariki Institute of Technology in New Zealand, although he also worked for the UK’s Environment Agency early in his career.

He is interested in the way predatory beetles respond spatially and temporally to their prey. He has worked closely with statisticians (Joe Perry, Kelvin Conrad and Colin Alexander) who have developed methods for characterising spatial distributions of insects using SADIE (Spatial Analysis by Distance Indices). You can find out more about these methods by visiting Kelvin Conrad’s website: (

Linton also works with colleagues in Fiji on a number of conservation-related projects. He has research collaboration with Bill Aalbersberg, Marika Tuiwawa and Hilda Waqa-Sakiti at the Institute of Applied Sciences at the University of the South Pacific.

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