Luis Sampedro
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Luis Sampedro


Tenured Scientist, Misión Biológica de Galicia, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). My research focus on Forest Genetics and Ecology, particularly with those topics involving interactions of trees with their biotic environment. I am interested in the study of responses to herbivores and pathogens in long lived plants in a broad sense. I am curious about how environmental factors (both biotic and abiotic), genetic variation within and between populations and other sources of phenotypic variation such as maternal effects can modulate those interactions. Using pine trees and their herbivores as a model, I try to understand how pine trees tolerate and resist insects and pathogens, joining approaches from quantitative genetics, evolutionary ecology, forest pathology and forestry. For those purposes, I use a variety of experimental approaches including laboratory, greenhouse and long term field research based systems.

Ecology Environmental Sciences Forestry Plant Science

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Tenured Scientist

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Misión Biológica de Galicia (MBG)
Forest ecology, plant defences, plant-insect interactions, chemical ecology, herbivory, forest genetics,

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