Laura Lafon Hughes
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Laura I Lafon Hughes


Formally: technician, Genetics Department, IIBCE
In fact does: research (project writing, exp design, exp execution, data analysis, paper writing) and teaching (mainly short postgraduate courses)

Belongs to National System of Researchers, level I (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, SNI; ANII)

She has always worked doing basic research in biomedical areas. Her main interests are cell biology of neurodegeneration and cancer.

2014. PhD in BIological Sciences (PEDECIBA; IIBCE-INGEBI)
2009. Diploma in Medicine Teaching(CLAEH)
2003. Master in Neurosciences. UDELAR PEDECIBA (2003)
1998. Degree in Biological Sciences
1991. Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge)
1989. First Certificate in English (Cambridge)

Cell Biology Histology Neuroscience

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Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable
In fact does research and teaching

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