Kota Wharton

Kota Thomas Wharton


As a student and activist for the LGBTQ+ Community Kota Wharton dedicate much time to the progression of social acceptance in his school, community, and the world. He is part of Upper Arlington's Gay Straight Alliance and is a First Class Boy Scout. He identifies as male and is male orientated. He is 16. He believes strongly in moving from tolerance to social acceptance.

Born in Vietnam in the year 2000 Kota Wharton was adopted at just over age two to his current father Robin Wharton and his deceased mother Maki Asano. He was adopted and brought to the United States where he lived for eight years in Durham, North Carolina. At age nine he moved to Upper Arlington, Ohio where he lives now. His father remarried after his divorce with Maki Asano and married Tammy Wharton who is Kota’s stepmother. Kota attends Upper Arlington High School where he is a sophomore and studying.

Cryptography Legal Issues Psychiatry & Psychology

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Upper Arlington High School
August 2015

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