Yoshiaki Kikuchi

Yoshiaki Kikuchi


He is recently interested in the neural basis of ‘love’, especially ‘mother’s love’ (Biological Psychiatry 2008; Scientific American Mind Matters Sep 23, 2008), ‘happiness’ (Chemistry & Chemical Industry, 2011), ‘self-esteem’ (PLoS ONE 7, 2012) and ‘humanity’ (Physiological Anthropology, 2013; Science Council of Japan Forum, 2012). Moreover, his study has been reported by The New York Times (2008), Le Monde de l’enfance 2008), and TEDweekend (Wired to Prefer 'Cute, Sexy and Sweet',2013).

Neuroscience Psychiatry & Psychology

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Graduate Scool of Tokyo Metropolitan University

Division of Human Health Science

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