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Vyacheslav L Kalmykov


Dr. Kalmykov studied in the Department of Biology in the Leningrad State University. In 1973 he joined the Institute of Biological Physics at Pushchino Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Science (now Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS) and is currently a senior scientist. He earned his doctorate in 1984 on the topic of biochemical mechanisms of animal behaviour. His main research interests include understanding mechanisms of organization, evolution and behaviour of biosystems.

Biochemistry Biophysics Ecology Ecosystem Science Mathematical Biology

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Senior Scientist

Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences
October 1973
Laboratory of cell cultures and cell engineering
Some results: correction and use of extraction, purification and spectrofluorescent determination of biogenic amines in stuctures of the rat brain; elaboration and use of a method of the semiquantitative estimation of a common spectrum of the amount of individual lipids; the concept about mediating of a weak Non-Ionising Electromagnetic Radiation bioeffects by free radicals; a general physico-mathematical theory of life.


Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences
October 2003
Biomedical Engineering
Lectures on mathematical modeling of biological systems. Artificial Life: fractals, cellular automata, L-systems.


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