Kirsten Christoffersen
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Kirsten S Christoffersen


Professor in Arctic Freshwater biology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark (full time), and at The University Centre in Svalbard, Norway (20% position). Previously Center leader of Polar Science Center, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen (2009-14), member of the international steering committee for CAFF/CBMP-freshwater Program (2011-present), Coordinator for Danish Kingdom expert group in CBMP program (2012-present), member of evaluation boards for the Norwegian Research Council (2012 and 2014), member of Scientific Board for Austrian Academy of Sciences (2008-2012), member of adviser group for the Danish Board of Technology (2008-2011), member of the Danish Research Council (2007-2013) handling approx. 1000 applications, member of EU evaluation board for Work program 6 (2007), member of accreditation boards for Norwegian education institutions (2006 and 2007), board member of the Arctic Station Council, University of Copenhagen, Greenland (2005-present), member of evaluation boards for the Swedish Research Council (2004-2014), member of the steering committee for the Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen (2004-2007), member of evaluation boards for the Academy of Finland (1998-2012).

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University of Copenhagen
October 1991

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