Kejal Kantarci
Academic Editor

Kejal Kantarci


Associate Professor of Radiology

2014 Elected Member - Lewy Body Disease Association Scientific Advisory Council
2012 Elected Secretary of the Psychiatric MR Spectroscopy and Imaging Study Group -
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2008 Dorothy Dillon Eweson Lecture Series Award - American Federation for Aging Research
2008 Excellence Through Teamwork Award - Mayo Clinic
2007 Beeson Award - National Institute on Aging, American Federation of Aging Research, John Hardford Foundation, Atlantic Philantropies, and Starr Foundation
2005 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Development Award (NIH K12 Roadmap Initiative) - Clinical Research Scholars Program
2004 New Investigator Award - Alzheimer's Association

Neuroscience Radiology & Medical Imaging

Work details

Professor of Radiology, Senior Consultant

Mayo Clinic Rochester
Department of Radiology, Division of Neuroradiology
The research of Kejal Kantarci, M.D., is in the field of neuroimaging in aging and dementia. Advances in imaging technology over the last few decades have given us the tools to track the normal and pathologic aging of the brain. Dr. Kantarci's research aims to bring these advanced imaging modalities into clinical practice. The goal of Dr. Kantarci's research program is to apply advanced imaging technology in order to detect the evolution of dementia pathologies before they cause irreversible damage to the brain. She aims to develop valid imaging tools to detect the earliest dementia-related changes in the brain, which could allow for early intervention and prevention of dementia. Dr. Kantarci's research program has been funded since 2003 by the National Institutes of Health, Alzheimer's Association and American Federation for Aging Research.


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