Ross Jones

Ross Jones


My major research interest is the biology of the coral-algal symbiosis and understanding and quantifying how the relationship changes during conditions of altered environmental conditions (natural and anthropogenic). I am involved in developing ways to examine and quantify the condition of corals in both laboratory-based setting (i.e. for determining water quality criteria for reefal ecosystems) and in the field (i.e. examining dredging or construction-related activity, or point/diffuse source pollution). Much of my work now is associated with the examining the effects of sediments from dredging on corals, seagrass and sponges.

Environmental Sciences Marine Biology

Work details

Senior Research Scientist

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
August 2009
Coral Biologist, Ecotoxicologist TEAM 2.3 Leader: Impacts of Sediments and Dredging PROGRAM 2: Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems and Industries in Tropical Australia

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