Sophia Johannessen
Academic Editor

Sophia C. Johannessen


Dr. Johannessen is a geochemical oceanographer. Her research interests range from light and underwater weather at the top of the ocean to burial and reworking of sediments at the bottom. She has worked in the Mid-Atlantic Bight, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Currently she works in the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Recent research topics

– the effects of climate change on coastal waters
– the footprint of municipal wastewater in the Strait of Georgia
– the potential for carbon sequestration by seagrass meadows (“Blue Carbon”)
– controls on subsurface oxygen, nitrogen and ocean acidification in coastal waters
– the sinking and burial of particles and organic carbon
– the effect of photochemical oxidation (burning of organic matter in seawater by sunlight) on the ability of phytoplankton blooms to draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide
-interpreting contaminant profiles in marine sediments

Aquatic & Marine Chemistry Biogeochemistry Environmental Contamination & Remediation Environmental Impacts

Past or current institution affiliations

Work details

Research Scientist

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
January 2001
Institute of Ocean Sciences
Design and direct research programs, carry out field work, present results at conferences, publish work in peer-reviewed journal articles

Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Victoria
April 2010
Co-supervise students, participate in student committees, collaborate with departmental colleagues

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