Jimena Dorado


I am an CONICET Assistant Researcher, at the Argentine Institute for Dryland Research, in Mendoza, Argentina. I'm interested in community ecology and species interactions. I'm working on plant-pollinator systems using interaction networks framework for answering opened questions. Specifically I studied whether there was a bias in the estimation of specialization of rare individuals of the networks, I also evaluated the diversity-stability hypothesis on flower resources for pollinators. Now I'm studding whether there is a pattern of individual specialization in network structure, and whether the diversity relationship of two interacting groups is associated to network structure.

I studied Biology at the National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I did my Ph. D. supervised by Diego Vázquez, working on plant-pollinator interactions seen from the pollinators perspective.

Biodiversity Ecology

Work details

Assistant Researcher, CONICET

Argentine Institute for Dryland Research
April 2006
Instituto Argentino de Investigaciones de Zonas Aridas (IADIZA)

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