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Jim Kirkland


Utah’s State Paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey. An expert on the Mesozoic, he has spent 41 years excavating fossils across the southwestern US and Mexico authoring and coauthoring more than 80 professional papers. The reconstruction of ancient environments, biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, paleoecology, and mass extinctions are some of his interests. He has discovered and described 20 new dinosaurs, many fossil fish, and mollusks.

Paleontology Science Policy

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State Paleontologist

Utah Geological Survey
Ground Water & Paleontology

Natural History Museum of Utah


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25 Feb 2015

Yes! The Springdale Sandstone is now accepted as a member of the Kayenta Formation by the Utah Geological Survey and has been mapped as such on all the new Geological Maps for sout...

1 vote
09 Sep 2015

Very interesting hypothesis! I'm looking forward to more as you develop your ideas.

28 Feb 2015

Great to see someone working on "bumpames." Certainly in Utah thesy seem to span the ~Valenginian up through the Cenomanian with the "Glyptopsids." I bet there was a great diversi...

27 Jan 2017

Why are cervical half rings considered all from left side and not the right side? Were you unaware of are paper describing Europelta as a Early Cretaceous struthiosaurine nodosa...