Jens Bölte


since 11.​2011 adjunct Professor, WWU Münster
03.​2001 - 11.​2011 Staff Scientist, WWU Münster
10.​1996 - 03.​2001 Lecturer
04.​1994 - 10.​1996 Ph. D. Candidate, WWU Münster
06.​1991 - 03.1994 Ph. D. Candidate, MPI Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Natural Language & Speech Neuroscience Psychiatry & Psychology Science Policy Statistics

Work details

Prof. Dr.

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
April 1994
My research focus is on psycholinguistics. I am mainly interested in the processing of morphologically complex words such as "post office", "egg beater", or "jailbird" in production and comprehension. Phonological and semantic processing are two further research topics that I address. Face processing, either impaired as in prosopagnosia or unimpaired, is another topic that I work on. In cooperation with the workgroup social psychology I investigate simulation processes evoked by in- and outgroup members. I supervise theses in cooperation with the Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis, focusing on face processing. Reaction times are the main dependent variable in my research. Eye-tracking, first fixation duration and gaze duration, as well as ERP complents the RT-analyses. In recent years, ERP-analyses start to replace the RT-analyses. Besides teaching and reseach, I supervise the library of the Institute for Psychology. In addition, I am the appointee of the M. Sc. Psychology.


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